File processing

FILE PROCESSING FAILED: If the processing of your file failed, this is most likely a temporary server issue. Please try again in a few minutes.

MODEL CAN NOT BE PARSED: This is often a sign of a corrupted file. Make sure all the surfaces are stitched and your file is exported correctly.

UNSUPPORTED FILE FORMAT: We support most of the common CAD formats for CNC machining. STL and OBJ files are not suitable for CNC machining as they lack the precision required by our suppliers.

FILE IS EMPTY : This means that we were not able to detect any geometry in your CAD file. Make sure your file is exported correctly and try to upload it again.

MULTIPLE PARTS DETECTED: This means we have detected multiple separate geometries in your file. If you are trying to upload a full assembly, split your file into individual parts and upload them separately. If you intend the assembly to be assembled by the Manufacturing Partner, please submit the parts separately and attach an assembly drawing.

INDICATING FILE UNITS: For STL and OBJ files in 3D Printing, files are processed in millimeters by default. If your models were designed in a different file format, this can be changed via the Change Units for each file. Please be sure to check that the bounding box size is accurate before submitting your order.