File Resizing & File size

Can you help resize my files before placing an order?

We are unable to modify customers’ files after they are uploaded to the site. Please make sure that your file is correct and at the size you want it to be printed before uploading to order. For STL and OBJ files, you can indicate the units your file was designed in after uploading: MM, CM, or Inches. For STEP files, the units are detected automatically.

My file is too large to upload, can I still have it manufactured?

At this time we are only able to accept files under 128 MB to be manufactured. If your file is too large, please reduce the size or consider splitting your object into multiple pieces (located in separate files) before uploading.

As some errors can greatly increase file size, please consider looking at this article on fixing common file errors if your file is larger than 128 MB but is not a very large object.