How are Disputes Handled?

What to do when an order is disputed?

If the customer feels there is an issue with the order they received, they have 7 days to indicate it. Through the order page they are able to “Raise a Dispute” which will prompt them to fill out a form that asks the customer a number of questions to clarify what the issues are, requires them to upload photos proving their claim and asks them to indicate their preferred outcome.

Once the form is submitted, a 3D Hubs admin is notified and will compare the submitted photographs to the one the Manufacturing Partner took before shipping out the order. (This is why it’s critical that the Manufacturing Partner takes high resolution well lit photographs of all the parts from multiple angles, for more information on this, please refer to our photograph guidelines.)

The 3D Hubs admin’s finding can result in:

  • Invalid Claim: Should the 3D Hubs admin find that the customer’s claim is invalid, the customer will be informed on the admin’s finding and the Dispute is will be set to resolved. This will allow the Manufacturing Partner to invoice 3D Hubs.
  • Valid Claim: Should the 3D Hubs admin find that the customer’s claim is valid, the order will be put into the Disputed stage and the Manufacturing Partner will be informed of both the customer’s claim and the admin’s findings as well as the customer’s desired outcome. This will generally be either a full or partial reprint or a full or partial refund.

In the case of a (partial) reprint, the order status will be put back into production and will follow the regular order flow.

In the case of a refund, the order will be cancelled and the Manufacturing Partner will not be able to invoice 3D Hubs.