How does the ordering process work?

The full ordering and manufacturing process works as follows

  1. Customers will go to and select the Manufacturing Process they require for their project.
  2. They upload their 3D design(s) and select the material(s) they require for their project.
  3. An automatic quote will be presented to the customer and they’ll be able to pay instantly.
    • They also have the ability to set process specific details such as:
      • Color
      • Infill percentage
      • 3D print orientation for FDM and SLA
      • Ability to indicate the project exceeds standard tolerances
      • Ability to indicate the project has threaded holes
      • Upload the Technical Drawing
      • Add a specific Surface Finish
      • Set a specific Business Shipping Day

4. After the payment has been completed, the order will be presented to a Manufacturing Partner with the manufacturing capabilities through the 3D Hubs Partner Portal. When an order is presented, the partner has 3 options:

    • Accept the order as it’s offered
    • Decline the order with a specific Decline Reason if they are unable to complete the order according to the order specifics. Common decline reasons are:
      • Unable to make the requested deadline
      • Parts are not manufacturable with the selected process
      • Don’t have the capacity to complete the order
    • Counterbid the order
      • The Partner can indicate they would like to produce the parts, but at a different rate. The Partner can counter bid on price per part of the order.
      • Alternatively, the Partner can counterbid on the shipping date.
      • The Partner is also able to counter-bid on both price and shipping date at the same time if required.

If no action is taken on the order offer, after a certain amount of time, the order will automatically be presented to the next Manufacturing Partner.

5. After acceptance or winning of a counter-bid, the Manufacturing Partner can begin the production.
Once production has been completed, the Manufacturing Partner is required to check the manufactured parts, upload the inspection checklist and multiple photos of each produced part. We recommend that the 3D Hubs photographing guidelines are being kept in mind while taking these photos because they will be used in the case of a dispute is raised by the customer.

6. The Manufacturing Partner indicates the parts have been packed according to the 3D Hubs Customer Experience policy, and will receive a prepaid shipping label from 3D Hubs based on the weight and size of the package and ships out the order to the customer.

7. Once the customer has received their order, they will have 7 days to report an issue if there are any. This will raise a Dispute, please see the How are Disputes Handled article for more information.

8. When the customer is satisfied, the order will be available for invoicing. 3D Hubs Manufacturing Partners will be able to invoice 3D Hubs once a month for all orders successfully completed over that time period.