How should I invoice 3D Hubs for the orders I’ve completed?

Invoicing system for Manufacturing Partners

Whenever you complete an order, the order will become available in your overview. Once a month, you’ll be requested to submit an invoice by uploading a .pdf file that lists every order total individually and sum up to be the total invoiceable amount listed by 3D Hubs.

To make this process easier, 3D Hubs will provide an overview that includes a downloadable .csv file with an overview of all the completed orders that have not been paid out yet.

3D Hubs billing overview will show the applicable tax per order and the total tax amount.

For US Manufacturing Partners all orders should be without sales tax, 3D Hubs will provide a resale certificate.

For Australian Manufacturing Partners, all orders should include 10% GST.

Because 3D Hubs is the customer on all orders completed through 3D Hubs, the Sales Tax / VAT / GST will always be same for 90% of all orders.