I want to sign an NDA

I want to sign an NDA

We understand that you want your design to be secure and protected, this is why we’ve signed NDA’s with all our Manufacturing Partners who print orders for the “Fulfilled by 3D Hubs” program.

When working with 3D Hubs, you are also automatically protected by the 3D Hubs Terms of Use section 6.4 which states:

"6.4. By submitting 3D Content through the Services or Website, the User grants 3D Hubs and the Hub accepting the Order a non-exclusive, royalty free worldwide non-transferable license (i) to review the 3D Content on the basis of technical specifications (including but not limited to checking for any technical errors); and (ii) to use the 3D Content for the manufacturing of the 3D Print in order for the Hub to fulfil the Order placed by the User."

This section covers the fact that you, the customer, only give the 3D Hubs admins and the Manufacturing Partner accepting the order the right to check your 3D file to see if it's suitable for production and the right to produce the model to complete the order for you. All Manufacturing Partners are then required to destroy the files once production is complete.

If you still require a signed NDA, please email support@3dhubs.com for more details.

We're also available for phone support 09:00 - 23:00 CEST and 8am-6pm EDT.

Americas: +1 845-402-8321

Europe/Asia: +44 20 3966 9208