3.1. Get a free instant quote for your parts

Quick overview of our instant quoting tool

3D Hubs analyses CAD files for all factors known to influence manufacturing cost. These parameters are then processed by a deep neural network algorithms trained on over 1,500,000 manufactured parts, allowing us to give accurate prices for dozens of materials instantly.​


Getting an instant quote

To get an instant quote for you parts, start by uploading at least one CAD file

Once the file is processed, you will be able to see a price for the default material and finish. Selecting a different material or finish updates the price instantly.


All prices are displayed in USD, AUD or EUR, depending on your location. Other currency options might be introduced later.

Pricing for bulk quantities

Unit price for CNC machined and injection moulded parts decreases substantially with higher volumes. Click 'Show bulk pricing' next to the quantity field to get an extensive overview.


Tooling price

In case of injection moulding, the total price consists of price for tooling and price per part. You can see the price split directly on the part line item as well as the bulk pricing view.

Request for quote (RFQ)

RFQ or 'Request for quote' is displayed when we are not able to provide an instant price for your part. You can still submit your request for manual review and receive a formal quote within 1 business day.

What's next?

Happy with your quote? Learn how to complete your order. In case you have any additional questions contact sales@3dhubs.com

We're also available for phone support 09:00 - 23:00 CEST and 8am-6pm EDT.

Americas: +1 845-402-8321

Europe/Asia: +44 20 3966 9208