4.1. Submit an order or quote request

Quick guide to submitting orders and quote requests on 3D Hubs

Once you have uploaded your CAD files, selected the right material, finish and attached the technical drawings, you are ready to submit your order.

Select lead time

At the bottom of /manufacture page, you can select one of the available lead time options. To continue with the checkout process, click on 'Continue to submit request'.


Fill in billing and shipping details

To process your order or quote request, we need your billing and shipping details. Fill out all required fields in the form on the left to continue.


'Submit and pay' or 'Submit for manual review'

Bellow the cart overview on the right, confirm that you agree with our Terms and conditions and select one of the two options submit your order.


Submit and pay to move your parts to production, without waiting for a signed quote or a purchase order. We only support instant payments with credit cards at the moment. For more payment methods, choose 'Submit for manual review'

Submit for manual review if you have any additional questions about your order of  you are not able to pay with a credit card.

In both cases a dedicated sales engineer will be available to you to answer any questions during the manufacturing process.

Receive a PDF quote to share with your Purchasing Department

If you are unable to pay with credit card, you can also receive a PDF quote if you submit your quote for "Manual Review". If you have any issues finding this option, you can contact our sales team through sales@3dhubs.com, or through the following phone numbers:

Americas: +1 845-402-8321

Europe/Asia: +44 20 3966 9208

We're available for phone support 09:00 - 23:00 CEST and 8am-6pm EDT.

Resolving payment issues

In case the payment is not successful, your credit card is not charged and your request is submitted for manual review. Our finance department will reach out and help you complete the payment process using a different payment method.

What's next?

Learn more about who manufactures your parts.