5.1. Automated supplier selection

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After your order is accepted, it is offered to multiple matching suppliers in our network (based on capabilities, performance and location). By utilising their spare capacity, we can guarantee fast lead times and the best price on the market.


Upon accepting the order, supplier agrees to manufacture your parts according to your specifications and within a given lead time.

Supplier quality and certification

Quality of all our manufacturing partners was verified before they were allowed to join our network. Further more everyone is required to sign an NDA with 3D Hubs to ensure your IP is protected through out the whole manufacturing process. 

If you require other certification (e.g. ISO 9001), email sales@3dhubs.com

Selecting the supplier manually

It is not possible to select the Manufacturing Partner manually. However, every Manufacturing Partner is required to produce parts to the quality outlined in the 3D Hubs Quality guidelines FDM (SLA) so the consistency within these guidelines is guaranteed.

What's next?

Learn how we will keep you updated during the entire manufacturing process.