1.1 How 3D Hubs works

The world’s largest network of manufacturing services

3D Hubs’ mission is to build the smartest manufacturing solution on the planet. By combining a global network of manufacturing services with a smart sourcing engine, clients can instantly access readily available production capacity for the best possible quotes and lead times.




3D Printing

Low volume production | Volume: 1 - 100 parts | Lead time: 1 - 3 days


CNC Machining

Low to Medium volume production | Volume: 1 - 5,000 parts | Lead time: 5 - 15 days


Injection Molding

Medium to high volume production | Volume: > 100 parts | Lead time: 15 - 40 days


Design for Manufacturing (DFM) analysis

Detect any potential design issues before production begins, minimising production errors.

Competitive prices and fast lead times

Use our smart sourcing algorithm to access readily available production capacity.

Instant Quoting

Based on machine learning engine that analysed over 1.5 million parts.


Email: sales@3dhubs.com

Americas: +1 845-402-8321

Europe/Asia: +44 20 3966 9208

We're available for phone support 09:00 - 23:00 CEST and 8am-6pm EDT.What's next?

Learn how to upload CAD parts and get an instant quote for CNC machined parts