My current orders

Most frequently asked questions about your order status, order cancellation and changing order specifications.

Where can I find information about my order?

You can access all your orders by clicking “My orders” at the top right side of the website. Here you'll find an order overview which will include all the agreed order details, like for example the shipping date, and the order production status, as well as the tracking information available.

Can I cancel or make changes to my current order?

Right after submitting an order, the sourcing begins. Your order information is shown to suppliers and the production process begins. Canceling at this point is not possible anymore.

Can I combine the shipping costs for my orders?

Your order may be manufactured in different locations depending on the supply availability, therefore, it is not possible to combine shipping costs on your multiple orders.

I haven't received my order and it's past the deadline, what can I do?

If it happens that the order is delayed, you will be informed of the reason behind the delay and the new estimate automatically. If you haven’t heard from us and your order status is still “in production” even past the shipping deadline - you can contact us through with your order details.

If the order is in the “Shipping” stage, please follow the instructions on the tracking information page and follow up with the carrier if necessary.

Can you re-open an order that had been canceled?

It is not possible to re-open canceled orders. Simply use the portal to submit the order request again.