Unhappy with the quality of my order or late delivery

Most frequently asked questions about issues with an order or refund requests (bad quality or late delivery)

My order is late, what can I do?

Due to the nature of Manufacturing, the production of parts can sometimes take longer than expected, which may result in delays in receiving your order. In these cases, we'll make sure to immediately email you with an update, with the new estimated shipping date and the reason for this delay.

If you have missed this notification or have any questions please reach out to us via support@3dhubs.com.

Important: More often than not, the actual shipping of the parts is what's causing your order to be late. In these cases, please follow the instructions on the provided tracking link to connect with the carrier and clarify about the status of your delivery.

I'm not happy with the quality of my part(s), what can I do?

If you’re not satisfied with the quality of the parts received you can always raise a dispute on your order page. After the order has been marked as delivered by the shipping courier, you will see a button allowing you to raise an issue. You have 5 days after the part is received to do it - after that, the transaction is considered closed and it cannot be assessed any more.

These parts will be assessed against our Quality guidelines (for example FDM quality guidelines). You will be asked to upload pictures clearly showing the issue and will be contacted by one of 3D Hubs agents shortly.