What services and materials is 3D Hubs offering?

3D Hubs offers 3D printing, CNC machining and Injection molding services.

3D Hubs is a global network of manufacturing services, that allows clients to instantly access readily available production capacity. 3D Hubs offers 3D Printing, CNC Machining and Injection molding services.

For the most up to date list of materials and processes offered, go over to www.3dhubs.com/manufacture upload your part and all the options available will be displayed on the checkout.

3D Hubs does not sell printers, materials or offer any 3D modeling, 3D scanning or File converting/fixing services.

What processes do you offer for 3D printing?

Utilizing a global network of Manufacturing partners allows us to offer the latest technological advancements quicker, however only well established and commercialized methods of 3D Printing are included in 3D Hubs services.

Depending on the material selected, you will be matched with a supplier that utilizes one of the following 3D printing techniques:

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), Stereolithography (SLA), Digital Light Projection (DLP) , Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Multi-jet Fusion (MJF) , Material Jetting (MJ) or Various metal printing techniques.

Do you offer Multi-color or Full color 3D printing?

At this time, it isn't possible to order parts printed in Full color or in more than one color. You can try our 3D Hubs talk marketplace to see if you can find some suppliers who offer this locally.

Are your 3D Printed parts food safe?

At this time it is not possible to order any certified food-safe materials through 3D Hubs. If your application requires contact with food we discourage you from using 3D printing at this time.

Depending on your project size and budget you could try CNC or Injection molding services. Please specify that you require food safe materials when placing the request.

What is the largest print size for FDM/SLA/SLS?

3D Hubs have partnered with Manufacturers who own machines of big variety of build sizes so you generally do not need to worry about that. Different locations might have different capabilities available and the system will notify you if your file is too large.

Some general guidelines to follow:

FDM (PLA, ABS, ASA plastic) - should not exceed 50 cm x 50 cm x 50cm

SLA/DLP/MJ (Resin) - should not exceed 60cm x 60cm x 60cm

SLS/MJF (Nylon PA12) - should not exceed 60cm x 30cm x 50cm

Can I send material over for machining?

All the materials are provided by the Manufacturing Partners. If you do have some specific material requirements - please add those to the order description and we will make sure to only source with suppliers who can supply that.

If you do still have some concerns or have an unusual request, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team through sales@3dhubs.com.

Is 3D Hubs offering any other services besides manufacturing?

3D Hubs is the quickest and most autonomous way for you to get your parts Manufactured, but to start using us you need to make sure your parts are ready to be manufactured.

To make this easier we've condensed all the information that you need to know into our free Knowledge Base and a bestselling 3D Printing Handbook.

At this time we do not offer any CAD modeling or 3D scanning services.