Order specifications

The most frequently asked questions about your order preferences before submitting your order.

The www.3dhubs.com/manufacture page allows you to specify exactly what you need with your order. After the request is submitted, a number of relevant Manufacturing Partners will see this request and will only claim it if they're able to fulfill all of your requirements.

Who is manufacturing my parts? Can I pick them up locally?

Origin of the supplier will depend on the availability of the material in a certain country. In most cases, the suppliers will be based in the same country as the customer. However, this doesn’t allow local pickup as an option.

We’ll be working on reducing the shipping costs and time as we develop the platform with optimizing the order distribution and working with different shipping providers. Regardless, the shipping costs will be shown to you in advance.

Do you ship to my country?

3D Hubs is able to deliver your parts worldwide except for Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan, South Sudan & Cuba.

I have a strict deadline, what can I do to ensure my order arrives on time?

Once an order is submitted, the designated Manufacturing Partners are able to review it and decide whether they are able to print the parts within the given technical specification and desired timeframe.

If a Manufacturing Partner cannot meet this timeframe, they will suggest a new one, which will be presented to you for approval. Once approved, your order will be shipped out within the agreed timeframe. Our internal dedicated team will handle any shipping related issues that may appear while ordering with us.

What is the default infill percentage? Can I have a part printed in a different percentage?

As part of the order specifications, you have the option to set the required infill % when submitting the order. The default value set for this is 25%, but you're able to specify that to fit your requirements.

Can I include parts that require different printing processes in the same order? (eg., both an FDM and an SLA part)

At the moment you're only able to submit one order per technology & material.

A more convenient way to submit multi-material orders is in the works and will be implemented soon.