What is 3D Hubs’ business model and how does the Partnership work?

3D Hubs is a global manufacturing platform where customers can have their 3D designs manufactured via 3D printing, CNC-milling or Injection Molding.

Based on the 3D designs, process and material selected, 3D Hubs calculates the price for the customer and once paid the order is presented to the 3D Hubs Manufacturing Partners who have the manufacturing processes and materials required to produce the order. In turn, the Partners have the ability to accept, decline or counter-bid on the order offer from 3D Hubs. If the order is won, the Partner agrees to produce, pack and ship in accordance with the 3D Hubs Manufacturing Partner Guide and to the specifics listed on the order to guarantee a high quality and consistent customer experience.

During the ordering handling process, directly after the part inspection step, 3D Hubs provides the Manufacturing Partner with a preconfigured shipping label to remove any work manual shipping arrangements. In the near future, 3D Hubs will also make standardized 3D Hubs branded front-locking boxes available.